4 Technology Drivers in Healthcare in 2017 | Healthcare and Technology news | Scoop.it

As 2016 begins, everyone is wondering what the next big breakthrough will be, especially in the realm of healthcare technology. Here are 5 key trends that we believe are driving the growth and development of an exciting, healthier future.


1. Consolidation and Complete Care

The consolidation already taking place in the healthcare industry will continue through 2016 and beyond. According to a study by Deloitte approximately 50 percent of current health systems will likely remain in 10 years. As more mergers and acquisitions happen, payers will need to manage complex system integration.
When a healthcare entity acts as both insurance company and care provider, they take on the full responsibility of a each patients care and ultimately hope to improve the overall health of the populations they serve.


2. Privacy and Security

A focus on personal health records (PHRs) and other data will continue to be a key focus, as it has been in years past. While stringent technology regulations are already part of HIPAA requirements, increased consolidation and need for easier information sharing will increase this demand.

Telehealth systems are one example of how this demand is being met. They provide access to healthcare professionals via phone or video as a cost-effective option for individuals who may be in remote areas or otherwise unable to meet their provider in person.


3. Collaboration and Care Coordination

The need for increased collaboration will change how healthcare is delivered. Integrated care can only be achieved with technology platforms that incorporate behavioral, medical and non-medical services within the same system.

All parties must willingly share data and give access to a range of information to ensure the right diagnosis for each patient are made.




4. Mobile Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

Data generated by connected devices is proving increasingly valuable to care managers and patients. Real-time visibility into patient health offers tremendous benefits, including better patient engagement and behavior change for patients. On top of this, health insurance organizations are starting to factor in data from fitness devices when reviewing policy premiums.


These are just some of the macro trends affecting healthcare, and the technology that is emerging in the marketplace. 2016 and beyond will prove to be an exciting time for technology to adopt new technology advancements into our lives.