14 U.S. Hospitals Are Launching Pilots To Test Apple's HealthKit | Healthcare and Technology news | Scoop.it

At least 14 major U.S. hospitals have launched or will launch pilot programs to test the use of Apple's HealthKit platform to manage chronic health conditions, Reuters reports.

Background on HealthKit

In June 2014, Apple introduced a new mobile application and platform that aims to consolidate health data tracked by various other health apps into one location.

Apple's product includes both the platform, called HealthKit, and a user-facing app called Health. It was bundled into Apple's iOS8 software, which powers iPhones and iPads.

In September 2014, Apple announced that Duke University School of Medicine and Stanford University's School of Medicine would be testing its products.

Details of Pilot Projects

The hospital pilot programs aim to help providers monitor patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, by tracking patient-generated data from tools that report several metrics, including:

  • Blood pressure;
  • Caloric intake;
  • Exercise levels;
  • Glucose levels;
  • Heart rate; and
  • Weight.

For example, New Orleans-based Ochsner Medical Center is working with Apple and Epic Systems on a pilot program that tracks several hundred high-risk patients in an effort to control blood pressure. The patients use devices that track their blood pressure and send the data to providers' iPhones and iPads.