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Health care is and always has been a lucrative field. Nowadays, technological proficiency is mandatory to get into the health care industry. Aside from making research and keeping medical records easier, it has also made treatments and procedures more viable.


In Doctors’ Offices

Technology in the field of health care takes many forms. In medical business offices, it can take the form of health information technology. To know who does this in your doctor’s office, look at the people employed there who are not medical professionals. They would take care of appointment setting, billing and record keeping. Technology has come far in this field and made work a lot easier for these professionals. With everything being digital now, there is no need to locate disparate paper charts or paperwork for random procedures. It is all easily found at the push of a button.


In Hospital Settings

When it comes to hospitals, there are loads of staff who are not medical professionals. From transcriptionists to billing and even hospital administration, technological advances have also made their jobs easier.

Take transcriptionists, for example. In the old days, they would have tape recordings of the doctors’ comments to transcribe and then would have to document them on a typewriter, using paper that would then go into the patients’ charts. Now, they are voice recordings on the computer and the recordings are transcribed digitally, into a computer, and then sent into the patients’ digital charts. This has also made the process more environmentally friendly since there is less paper involved.

As far as hospital administration goes, technology brings all of the aspects of the business together in a single place. At the touch of a button you can have information about meals that are scheduled, X-rays, surgeries, who called in and why, what bills are due and more. This has greatly enhanced the amount of work that a hospital administrator can get done in a single day.


What is to Come

All of that and more is what has already happened with technology in the world of health care and that doesn’t even begin to touch upon actual technological medical breakthroughs. However, all of this technology that is now in place is also being used to improve health care, not just in the US but around the globe, with the use of evidence-based practices.

The US happens to be one of the nations considered to be the most technologically advanced, but even with that, our health care system is ranked dead last out of the developed countries. Because of this, it is imperative that the health care industry takes critical measures to ensure that patient outcomes and service delivery are drastically improved. This can be done by using the technology at hand and developing new technology.


What You can Do

If you are considering a career in health care or health care administration, you might take a look at the health tech industry. New technology is constantly being developed and new ideas are always welcome. This is the perfect place for someone who wants to help people when it comes to health care, but doesn’t actually want to be involved on a physical level with patients. Engineers are always needed and will be for the foreseeable future when it comes to the technology needed for the health care industry.